2018 Medical Ethics Symposium

Strategies for Enhancing the Ethical Delivery of Patient Care



About the Conference


Clinical ethics is a field that examines the practical, everyday issues that arise in encounters among patients, doctors, nurses, health workers, and health care institutions. The goal of clinical ethics is to improve patient care and outcomes and improve clinicians’ satisfaction with their work. There are numerous ethical challenges that can impact patients and families in the health care setting. It is not uncommon for health care professionals to clash with the family of the patients, for whom they care, over treatment decisions. Some patients will inevitably suffer the consequences of an error made during their care or hospitalization.

Conflicts of interests, which are becoming more serious and complex, exist among all stakeholders, including the government, medical institutions, medical personnel and patients. A new and more specific code of ethics must be developed to meet the demands of social development and medical service. This new code integrates the traditional medical ethics with modern principles and values. Ethics are not general standards of conduct but should represent the standards of a profession, occupation, institution, or a group within society.

This conference will cover a broad range of ethical considerations associated with healthcare practices, healthcare delivery, and the healthcare system. The primary aim is to raise the level of awareness and degree of understanding of fundamental, emerging issues and concerns in healthcare ethics in addition to outlining practical approaches to managing difficult decisions in clinical practice.

By attending this conference, you will:
-       Learn strategies for enhancing the roles and functions of hospital ethics committees
-       Develop expertise in implementing a leading framework for clinical ethics decision making
-       Receive updates on current health law and policy to understand the implications for ethical decision making
-       Improve medical education about the importance of confidentiality and information sharing, and the use of modern technology
-       Learn how to manage the complexity and ethical decisions along the continuum of care
-       Highlight medically ineffective treatment decision making
-       Learn how to deal with compromised or incompetent patients
-       Appreciate the end of life decision making for competent patients
-       Effectively deal with parents who make decisions without having their child’s best interest in mind
-       Understand the ethical dilemma concerning the relationship between medical practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry
-       Network with other leading healthcare professionals





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