2018 Opioid Epidemic Forum

Answers to Reducing the Nation’s Opioid Addiction Crisis

July 16-17 2018    National Harbor, Washington, DC


About the Conference


The abuse and addiction to both prescription and non-prescription opioids is a serious problem that affects health, social and economic welfare of all individuals, communities and companies. There is a great deal of work currently being done to combat the opioid crisis in this nation. However, opioid-related deaths continue to rise, demonstrating the need for greater collaboration and solutions.

No health system is impervious to the effects of the opioid epidemic raging across the country. With opioid deaths increasing on a daily basis, this epidemic is clearly worsening. As such, the health care field is working to reverse the trend and raise awareness of the problem.

The opioid epidemic is a problem that cannot be solved by focusing on individual parts of the healthcare system. It must be addressed through doctors, pharmacies, distributors, manufacturers and regulators. This program brings together health care professionals, pharmacists, educators, private businesses and government agency representatives to both discuss the on-going crisis and present solutions to curb this epidemic.

By attending this conference, you will:
-       Learn how hospitals are fighting on the frontlines of the Opioid Crisis
-       Understand the public health approach to opioid overdose prevention as advanced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
-       Discover effective and evidence-based treatments that are available to treat opioid addiction
-       Understand how the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is Responding to the Opioid Epidemic
-       Learn how pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacists can manage opioid prescriptions and lead an opioid exit plan
-       Come to know a multi-center health system’s approach to overcoming opioid addiction
-       Implement new strategies to prevent opioid abuse including alternative pain treatments, medication assisted treatments and behavioral support
-       Understand new guidelines that focus on less addictive treatments and prescribing fewer opioids
-       Be taught to have difficult conversations with patients when opioids are no longer an option for chronic pain
-       Network with other industry leaders to understand their perspectives on fighting the opioid epidemic




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