2018 Home Care & Hospice Summit

Optimizing Financial & Operational Performance in Home Care and Hospice


About the Conference

With all of the regulatory and reimbursement challenges that face the home health and hospice industry, companies continue to look for options on how to provide the highest quality of care, while staying financially viable. This conference will provide an overview of the dynamic changes that have recently occurred in home care and hospice, an overview of the latest developments in healthcare reform and their impacts on home health and hospice, current industry trends and the future of evolving payment and service models.
This program is targeted at home care and hospice financial and operational professionals and will provide a greater understanding of cost containment, financial and practice management techniques, and business strategies in home care and hospice to improve organization-wide performance and the quality of care.
Leading home care and hospice providers will offer their perspectives on the challenges, obstacles and rewards of building a successful home care and hospice program. Session topics will include:


  •    -   How home care and hospice have evolved, and how they fit into the healthcare realm and the future of post-acute care
  •    -   Data, metrics and key performance indicators that are most important to track monitor for home health and hospice
    •    -   The current home care and hospice regulatory state
    •    -   Effective strategies for revenue cycle and compliance management
    •    -   How to leverage technological innovations to your agency’s advantage
    •    -   Future growth opportunities

Executive Business Intelligence Forum


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